Some basic info.

Thanks for visiting my site and checking out my work.  If you see something that speaks to you, take a look at my shopping options, I offer prints in a variety of sizes on canvas as well as traditional photographic prints!  If you have an idea for a size, print, material, or custom product reach out to me via the contact page, there are quite a few options I can provide that have not been listed and I can ship anywhere, so be sure to ask.

 I am also available for custom assignments on weekends in Seattle or elsewhere.  My passion in photography involves going places with my camera and finding a way to capture them that creates an emotional response.  If you'd like to be in the images, we can work that out, but if you simply want some images of an area you love, your home, your boat, a lake, a mountain, a view point, etc... I am happy to shoot it.  If you'd like documentation of a trip through the lens of my camera, hire me to tag along on a fishing trip with friends, a climbing trip, a camping trip, etc.

Photography for me is a constantly moving journey, and right now in my life I hope to focus my photography on places and experiences in the outdoors.  However, if you want to reach out for some portraits, or other photographic services, just ask.  If they involve anything that can be remotely viewed as unique or adventurous, chances are I'll be interested.